You wouldn’t believe how long I’ve been thinking of writing a blog and making my own site. Believe me, many many years. You might ask what’s been stopping me? Well I believe that it’s been the fear of perfection. Even though I always say to everyone else that I am not a perfectionist and I have the courage to throw myself out there. So many of my friends have said along these years that you should blog, and every time my answer’s been the same: I know, but about what?

But then again, this actually is not the first time I have my own site. Before Facebook was founded and when I was young, I made my own site with html code (Yes can you believe it!?). It was a diary of my student exchange period in Thailand during 2003-2004. So nowadays we would call it I guess a traveling blog. I still have all the texts printed in a cupboard somewhere. When I looked, the site doesn’t exist anymore unfortunately as it would look super retro nowadays.

”If you have nothing to say, blog about it”.

And yes, I have made some blog posts for Lumoan blog and I will continue to do more of those in the future. But still, I wanted to write more about something of my own. Some of you may have heard the saying: ”If you have nothing to say, blog about it”. I actually think I have had too many options and too much to write about and that has been the problem. I have thought about starting a blog about so many different things such as; interior, traveling, business, style, wellness or family life. I have also thought about starting a vlog. Well something made that even easier, Snapchat. (You´ll find me there: sariirene). And now I finally decided, I’m going to write a blog about my own life and thoughts somehow to combine these all. I went also back and forth with the language. Should I make my site in English or Finnish? I am not a native English speaker if you didn’t already notice from my writing 😉 So the language decision has been also one of the reasons on top of the fear of perfection to start the blog. Maybe I will write in both languages, let´s see. And yes, I’m going to make some videos for youtube as well in the future, it´s a promise.

So long story short. Maybe I needed this maternity leave to start my brilliant blogging. This is my first official post in my own site and blog. Welcome and enjoy!