“I’m focused on the near and never what’s in the rear. All I gotta say is what a year, what a year! Look, what’s life without risk? If you take none, that’s probably what you gonna get.”

Those are lyrics from a rap song I just heard from the radio. And that is exactly how I’m feeling now at the end of this year after we got our pre-seed funding. Thank you Reaktor Ventures for helping us on our international joint mission.

But what the heck has happened this year? Here are some takeaways we at Kide Science learned as an early stage company that started in the spring of 2017.

“Present a business, not an idea.”

Develop Vision & Strategy

We want a better future for the children. These future adults with 21st century skills will hopefully solve big climate issues as well. At it’s core is a scientifically developed method for engaging children into independent learning and exploration through storytelling and experimentation.

But at the same time our everyday strategy is quite familiar for entrepreneurs: “Get sh*t done”! Remember to do the right things, your time is your biggest asset.

We made all these business achievements already in 2017

  • Over 700 children participated our science clubs
  • Educated over 500 early childhood educational professionals – public & private
  • 8 science club leaders on our payroll
  • 27 science club places
  • A deal with Finland’s national public service broadcasting company YLE
  • A partnership deal with Touhula – the largest private daycare company in Finland
  • Started our franchising business. It was acknowledged by The Finnish Franchising Association
  • 12 franchise entrepreneurs practising our concept at their own science academy
  • We changed our name and visuals from Finnish “Hoksaus” to international “Kide Science”
  • First abroad club was held at the Nido Little Ones day care center in Peru
  • We received pre-seed funding from Reaktor Ventures

What will happen in 2018

  • Kids science program for the most iconic kids TV show in Finland:  “Pikku Kakkonen
  • A digital product – digital guidance to make science experiments by yourself at home
  • A science book for kids – publishing deal for autumn 2018
  • We will start educating and certifying franchisee science club teachers internationally
  • The product will expand with more content
  • Kide Science looks for new market areas and partners from all over the world
  • We will give positive childhood experiences of exploration and independent learning which have effects far into adulthood

Show Cash Flow

So sell a vision, but tie it back to a reality that is something you can execute on in the short to medium term. In the end, it takes more than an innovation or new idea to succeed.

“Be prepared to fund yourself.”

If you are unwilling to investment your money or resources into your venture, don’t expect investors to put in their money either. Know also do you need an investor that brings the capital but who can also serve as a mentor or connector?

Our VC threw us couple better ideas already during our first pitch. So be honest – you don’t have to know all the answers.

Work Your Network

During my years I worked for the media industry and big global ICT company, I started to dream about #startuplife. I also had a crush for Slush 2015 after my first baby was born.  At the same time I joined many networks as a curiosity (yes, she was an easy child). After my second baby 2016 (yes – two in a row) I felt that I want to do something more meaningful in my life.

Remember “it is all about people”.

From Mothers in Business network I found our founder Jenni Vartiainen. Based on Jenni’s recent doctoral research, she and Aino Kuronen are on a mission to get preschool children into science. But they needed a business person to join along. From the first meeting with these amazingly energetic women, I was in love. Our backgrounds and personalities are totally different, but we complete each other.

Our very different networks has also given us many new possibilities and new important contacts and deals already. So “Go out” and socialize! And ask for help.

You are more than welcome to join us on a thrilling science adventure that has long-lasting effects.