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My life is all about family, friends, business and how to combine all of these.



What A Year! #startuplife

“I’m focused on the near and never what’s in the rear. All I gotta say is what a year, what a year! Look, what’s life without risk? If you take none, that’s probably what you gonna get.” Those are lyrics... Continue Reading →

Future of Finance

Have you ever thought on how the changing digital world will affect our banking and finance possibilities and what does the continuous technology development lead to? In Future Female’s meetup, we learned about the future of finance with our two... Continue Reading →

Kaikki, mitä teet, on markkinointia.

Ole itsekäs paskiainen ja unohda kaikki ohjeet. Älä tuhlaa aikaasi yrityssuunnitelmiin. Unohda myyntistrategiat. Nämä lauseet muun muassa lukee Business for Punks -kirjan takakannessa. Pakkohan se oli lukea miten James Watt, Brewdog-panimon perustaja, nesteyttää kuivan aiheen. Ahmin kirjan parissa päivässä, minkä jälkeen... Continue Reading →

Is there a magic formula that can create the perfect start-up or a happy child?

I had a chance to attend Slush for the second time, this time from a maternity leave perspective. Slush is a focal point for start-ups and tech talent to connect and share the latest information with international investors, executives, companies and media.... Continue Reading →

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